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About WillMaker

Who We Are

How does WillMaker work? Is the entire will-making process online?

Is the entire will-making process online?

What can WillMaker do?

What information do I need before I start?

Making a will

Don't I need a lawyer to make my will?

What if I have a previous will?

Does the will apply to all my assets?

Can I make a will for my parents?

Can I make a will to distribute my foreign assets?

Who can be a witness?

After Making Your Will

What do I do after I make the will?

How do I register my will?

Will marriage or divorce revoke my will?

Data and Privacy

I am worried about data privacy. Do I have to create an account?

Can I retrieve my will?

Can I delete all the details I store?

Upon death

What happens after I pass away?

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